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Thread: Look what came today!!!

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    Look what came today!!!

    Look what Mr FedEx brought today!!!...
    But Cleveland looks like this...
    So I feel like this...!!!
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    HAHAHA!!! that's what the garage is for!

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    Lol, great post! The Vibrant setup is so nice on the 3!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fez View Post
    HAHAHA!!! that's what the garage is for!
    Inner-city Cleveland 3/4 car garage barely big enough for the car with the doors closed. Plus, there's spiders in there!

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    Hahaha...that's a pretty funny post. Find a friend that you can work in their garage... that's what Jay (kamon8404) does...

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    yep .. what Stephen said. I usually go to my ex-co-worker's place. He has a spacious garage for all my mod needs.

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    Plus, as a few people know, I'd much rather work on a car than sit on my butt all day after work. My garage is open for any (pretty much) mods that may be desired. Just let me know! I'm sure other people woudl come out to work too...and by work I mean drink beer, of course.

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    only if you lived anywhere but BFE! For some reason I have absolutely no desire to drive 1.5 hours just to mess something up and try to figure out my way home after that.

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    Oh, it only takes me 45 minutes to get downtown. I'm closer than Hartville.

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