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Thread: motor mounts.

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    motor mounts.

    going to replace them. where to get mouts and which brand would you recommend? looking to buy corksport inserts as well but i find mainly beck anley oe mounts anything better than that or will stock oe mounts work just as well with inserts.

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    corksport inserts in the stock mount works pretty nicely for the rear mount, as long as your rear mount isnt damaged you will be good to go with that setup

    i ran it for a while then upgraded to a stiffer "race" mount cause i am an idiot LOL

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    a year late but: I've not had experience with mazda3 motor mounts, but here is a tip: polyurethane inserts are molded to the stock bushings. if you buy an aftermarket motor mount, there is no guarantee that the shape of the rubber bushing will match perfectly. this is not a statement of the quality of the motor mount; these meet or exceed OEM quality and in some cases the bushing is slightly better! for 99% of daily use, you will not notice a difference. but if you plan on using inserts, just something to keep in mind.

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