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Thread: rear strut brake line

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    rear strut brake line

    1993 Mazda 626DX
    So I'm replacing the rear struts and I need some advice on how to get the strut out without moving the brake line too much. It looks like I have to push the strut to the rear to clear it from the knuckle and then to the right so the brake line (part of it is metal) slips out the slot which holds it. I'm afraid of bending/breaking the line. Is it better to just disconnect the brake line? Thanks.

    UPDATE: Got it out without disconnecting the brake line. Just needed a little more finagling. You've got to be careful though.
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    Sorry no one replied in time, this place can be a little slow on the weekends. Glad you got it taken care of!
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    No problem. Actually, it was done within 10 minutes of posting. Guess I just needed to get away from it for a few minutes. By the way, I just replaced the left rear because the Carquest guy made a mistake in ordering. And it still rides just fine. I think I could let it go but I'll probably order the other on ebay for $50.

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    As long as you can wait for the parts, I like rock auto for online ordering...but I have been known to buy parts off ebay at times.
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    rockauto is great

    especially if you can catch a closeout special. But I've had good luck on ebay so far for several parts. I needed at least one strut since the left rear had frozen and the car wouldn't bounce at all. I just had new tires put on and noticed something was off driving the few miles home from the installer. My wife drove 27 miles to work the next morning and said the ride was horrible. Just a coincidence? I know it happens but still makes you wonder. I mean the car was driven 30 feet into the shop, tires installed, and driven 30 feet out. And the strut is shot? The timing is impeccable!

    For those who need to do this job, I did want to add that you need to line up the top mount with the bottom and there is a small arrow on the top mount which you need to point to the middle of the bottom flanges - where the two large bolts are inserted. The arrow on mine was in the same place as a stamped "L" so it was hard to see. Also, I forgot to tighten the top nut all the way down so I had a loud clunk when I drove it but you can tighten it up from inside the trunk.
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