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Thread: Oh my...

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    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) roy obanion's Avatar
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    roadster love.

    "Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Adding lightness makes you faster everywhere."

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    looks good man!

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    thanks. next up: precision alignment. hopefully, i can get that done by the end of next week.
    2011 MX-5 GT PRHT

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    So tint is good to block the sun with the top up but ummmmm, what do you do when the top is down? :p Looks good man!

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    Keeps the interior form sun fade and heat in the parking lot. I always keep my top up (when I had a soft top on)

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    Ya know....I thought about using the pink font....

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    its going to be my daily driver, and year round. i wanted the windows done, so i did it.

    heading up to APEX automotive tomorrow for a precision alignment
    2011 MX-5 GT PRHT

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    I dont always bro, but when I do... Tungsten6's Avatar
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    Im all for tinting. My top isnt always down and its nice to come out to a car that's not burning hot after baking in the sun all day at work.
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    went up to Watkins Glen over the weekend for opening day, and ran a Thunder Road tour. the MX5 handled the track like a champ. it was even kind of them to add some SNOW into the mix :p
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    2011 MX-5 GT PRHT

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