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Thread: My new DD has arrived.. 1993 Protege LX

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    My new DD has arrived.. 1993 Protege LX

    I just picked up a 1993 Protege LX yesterday. The guy was first and only owner, the title was made when there were only 28 miles on the car. It now has 141k on the clock and has some issues but it'll be okay. It has power windows, locks, mirrors, steering, A/C, radio, back seats, no need for pre-mix and a 5 speed 1.8L BP! Plus the main reason why I got it, it should get much better fuel mileage than my 7.

    It looked better in the CL ad than in person (but was still a great deal) so I took some better pictures of some of the worse off parts. I also did a quick clean up under the hood, it was pretty damn dirty. It's nothing that I can't fix but it's also not much that I care to fix. Of course I'll take care under the hood with some new spark plugs and wires, flush the coolant, change the oil and I'm going to take off the VC to paint it and replace the leaky VC gasket. I'll stop talking though, here's the pics!

    The first thing I did was remove that junk hanging on the underside of the hood, it really doesn't need to be there.

    I really didn't want to spray down the bay but it was so dirty there was really no other practical option. Overall it's a great little car for the money, I'm just not use to the clutch yet.. it grabs really close to the floor and seems to drag a bit until I'm mostly off the pedal. I'm thinking maybe it needs a new slave? My 7 is the only manual I've daily driven and the clutch on it is either on or off, there's a very definite spot where it engages about half way up. I guess the pedal could also just need adjusted, the guy said the clutch had been replaced not so long ago. It also stumbled a bit and was acting up when I took it for a little ride but some stuff under the hood was still a little wet so I'm not too worried about it yet.. I'm gonna take it for another ride now and see how it goes.
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    So I don't think the problem is anything major.. the motor just wants to stall when I hit the gas pedal. If I press it very very slowly it'll go up through the RPMs but if I press it fast or even with enough normal pressure to get the car moving it will stall out. I've probably gotten something wet with the AFM and screwed it up. I pulled up the top of the air box to have a check at the air filter and the AFM but nothing seemed to be wrong or even wet. The intake tube is all taped up and has some silicone on it so I'll be needing an intake for sure but I don't think that's the problem as I drove it 60 miles home last night.

    Edit: Every time I go try again it gets better so something probably just got too wet. I'll try it again when I get home from work tomorrow. I also need a new name for this car.. I could name it something gay like Handbanana or someone's actual name.. so make some suggestions?
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    You probably need to adjust the height/engagement of the pedal.
    We (and by we I mean Joe) adjusted mine for me because I couldn't really fit my big ass under there. Lol
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    I'll look into adjusting the pedal, I did get a Hayes manual with the car after all
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    Looking good man. Love that color and the BP, I'm jealous.

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    Thanks man! As for the issue i was having.. It seems to be better now. I just got something too wet.. But it really needed a spray down.
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    me gusta

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    Grats Jon!

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