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Thread: My new DD has arrived.. 1993 Protege LX

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    I could have mounted them with the slicks but I didn't feel like working that hard today lol. I think I am going to go with the TRM's though, just gotta figure out what size tire.. our buddy Steve is selling me some lowering springs for $50 next time I see him (hopefully next weekend).
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    would look neat if you could fill in the "Protege" with body color paint

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    Ain't nobody got time for that! lol

    It would and that's a great idea so maybe if I ever get some body paint I'll do that. I was planning on shaving the badges until I saw the randomness and number of holes in the trunk, so I just painted them for now.

    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    They wanted to make sure it never fell off. ever

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    What the??? Leave the badge off and get some bullet hole stickahs. You'd be the OG in the BG.

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    I was planning on pulling off some kind of OG look but it was just too much for me to handle lol.
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeg0024 View Post
    You are clubroaster :P
    roadster love.

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    Got a freaking rock chip in the windshield today on I-4.. Had I been in the 7 or even had the BG lowered it wouldn't have happened. It was unavoidable though and isn't so bad.. For now.
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    I took my strut bar back from Josh the other day:

    And today I installed my mono amp, 10" Kicker and one of the sets of speakers I bought for my RX-7. The front door speakers were smaller than I thought by judging by the door trim but they looked okay so I'll leave them in for now.
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    "Failure is the mother of success."

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