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Thread: My new DD has arrived.. 1993 Protege LX

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    Thanks guys
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    So I bought a bunch of stuff on my way home from work and got started on some of it tonight. First thing I wanted to do was flush the coolant system. I drained what seemed to be hot cocoa with no traces of coolant lol. After a few rinses and starting up once with just water I filled it up with clean water and some coolant flush stuff I had laying around. I ran water though till it came out clear before the flush.. this was what came out after the flush:

    After a few more rinses and flushes with just water I filled it up with some 50/50 coolant. While I was letting the car run for the flushes I adjusted my idle, it was at 2k cold and about 1700 hot.. a whole 1k more than it should have been. I got it back down to about 800 when warm:

    I did find my intake tube was torn in multiple places and put back together with electrical tape and some silicone. I actually ripped off some tape messing around with it...

    Yes, this could have caused my high idle but I duct taped it back up for now and raised the idle a little until I get a new piece then I'll adjust it again.

    I'd really just like to get some sort of SRI but I'm still going to get a stock tube from a junk yard. If I did get an SRI is there some way to delete that box after the AFM? I have no idea what it does but it has a tube going up to some EGR looking thing on the TB.

    After all that I checked the spark plugs.. I did buy new ones but I didn't want to put them in before I used the SeaFoam and before I changed the VC gasket because I have some oil on top of the plugs 4 and 2.

    The SeaFoam was fun, as usual lol. I smoked out the whole neighborhood when I went out for a quick ride to get all the gunk out. It's definitely running better already though and that's even with the duct taped intake :P

    And one last picture.. I found the dirtiest spot on my car! I'll have to clean this up soon.

    Tomorrow I have to go pick up the new distributor cap/rotor I ordered and search some junk yards for an intake tube plus I need to get some new insurance and transfer the title/tag/registration.
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    I have always wanted one of these (preferably the 4wd version). Looks good John, congratulations on the purchase.

    Can't say for sure but the box after your AFM might be a Helmholtz (or similar) chamber. If it is, it's there strictly for sound attenuation. I'm sure you will be able to find the answer on a first gen site.
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    I told you, John. Keep it, along with the rest of the stock intake. You'll actually lose power/torque without it. You can make an SRI work with it, if you must. Here's one that's actually made for the car. They even make a cold air intak for $40 more.

    Here's an Accord eBay intake without the box.

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    Thanks Chief Josh you already know I got a new intake tube :P I think I'll just keep this one, it's a little bit smaller than the stock one but I think that'll be fine. Here's my post from CP:

    Today I went to the local you pull and pay since they had a few BGs to find a new intake tube. The only LX that had a motor and intake parts was this one with the broken pipe, looked kinda like mine lol. I test fitted one off the 1.6L though and it fit so I figured it would at least work for now. It's really not that much different so I'll probably just keep on using it.

    Everything looked pretty clean under the VC:

    I cleaned, sanded and prepped the VC for paint:

    Painted it:

    Sanded off the letters:

    And put it back on!

    The car fired right up and doesn't hesitate or stumble anymore with the new plugs and distributor parts. I also changed the oil today.
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    the freshly painted VC is tits

    Protege to MX-5 lineage
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    I haz better pics.. coming soon
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    The VC looked great this morning in the sunlight so I just had to take some pics, it also shows the new intake tube.

    The rubber gasket deal for the PCV was pretty crusty, dried out and not sealing well so I went ahead and got a new gasket and valve:

    I mocked up my TRM wheels from my Miata, I know they have R-comps on them right now but I just wanted to see how they'd look. I think they would look pretty nice.

    And lastly I got bored and popped off the trunk badges and hit them with some flat black:

    I also got new insurance and the title, tag and registration transferred over so today it's now my DD!
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    Woot for making it official!

    That VC looks great and the TRM wheels will look awesome...get them biotches mounted!

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