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Thread: Rockin's 2013 MZ3 Skyactiv Hatch M/T in VRM!

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    Oh, i will. im pretty anal about keeping track of things. my 6 i had everything written down. 27.7mpg with that car. im doing the same here, and being that my 6 was getting 25mpg in the winter, and im getting ~33 in the new 3, im pretty happy. it is winter and gas mileage is crappiest. i can only imagine what i will be getting in the summer.

    however... wtf happened to gas prices? i filled up the 6 at $3.19, and a few weeks later, i filled up the 3 at $3.75. um.... screw that! makes me happy i went with my decision and got the skyactiv. sure, a speed would be fun... but that kind of fun is going to get me in trouble. the skyactiv has plenty of power, and the manual trans makes things more fun and interesting.
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    Tint looks good man! And I remember the days of the backseat being overrun with baby seats. For better mpgs, remove them when you are not hauling the kiddies around...weight savings. lol

    I hear ya on gas prices....they seem to be going up .06 a clip here every few days in NJ. In PA they've been hovering at $3.65 for the last two weeks but expecting them to go up this weekend since the prices in NJ have gone from $3.41 to $3.57 in that same time.

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    thanks guys.

    being that i use them at least every other day... the kids seats stay in there. make the car seem smaller though... but i spent a lot on them, so they are big and clunky.
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    Tungsten is my new hero. He gets a new MS3 for doing the dishes... I think.

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    I like it! I take it you purchased this one rather than lease it? VRM is a great color!
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    Yup. This one I bought. Payments suck but it its the only payment since the 5 its payed off.
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    Tungsten is my new hero. He gets a new MS3 for doing the dishes... I think.

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    I hear ya on the seats and I was just messing around. Back in the day, I had some big and clunky ones too.

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    Got my package in today. JBR shift knob!

    Yes, it even came with and easter gift. Silly car people. Anyways, this thing is pretty heavy. 680 grams if I remember.
    Here it is next to the stock knob.

    Install was pretty easy and straight forward. Glad i had a deep socket for the adapter, but i don't think it is really necessary. A regular socket will do. The part that took the longest was getting it thread just right so the shift pattern was straight. I bet i had to thread, adjust, put on the knob, take it off, and adjust again 15 times.

    This is my first experience with JBR, and it was a good one. Shipped the day after ordering (which i did on a sunday night), and arrived 3 days later. Good instructions and a solid product.

    Installed pic

    I like it so far. Seems to help with getting into gear. It just seems more confident, like, yeah, I'm going to go in that gear! Before it was a little more notchy feeling. Obviously it doesn't make that go away completely, but it seems smoother. Also, the large round size fits the hand really nice. Only complaint... is that it was colder this morning being that it was 30 degrees F. Obviously, being metal means it is going to be more temperature sensative.

    Just a nice subtle change. Took advantage of their 10% off sale.
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    Tungsten is my new hero. He gets a new MS3 for doing the dishes... I think.

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    I met him at a local meet a few years back, he is a real stand up guy...
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    that looks good

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