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Thread: SpicyTarzan MSP

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    SpicyTarzan MSP

    Needed to start this thread to document Stephens build progress.

    Like Christmas, a box of goodies showed up and the fun began...

    9:1 Wiseco Pistons, Clevite bearings, Molnar rods, Cometic gasket, ARP fastners

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    First thing prepared the pistons for combustion containment and detonation reduction. The ceramic based coating is applied after rounding any sharp edges that can cause hot spots, which lead to detonation. The coating keeps the heat contained in the combustion rather than disipating into the piston.

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    The bearings are treated with Mil-Spec grade phosphate to cleanse and etch for superior adhesion of the micro slick coating. The micro slick is a nano particulate that dives into tiny crevices of the bearing to help create a super slippery barrier. The thrust washers were also treated to reduce friction when the crank walks.

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    Molnar rods are coated with a lightweight, ultra thin coating that helps shed oil. This helps reduce windage and keep rotational mass to a minimum. Plus oil flowback to the pan is faster when oil doesnt stick where its not supposed to.

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    the block was destressed by removing casting flash. The rounded corners will help with the appearance of the powder coat (later on).

    The block internal was smoothed for better oil flow back. The breather ports were opened up for better crank case evacuation. The oil port passages were also opened a little more to reduce restrictions.

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    misc parts being prepped for powder

    Valve cover breather passsages opened up to help reduce windage and lower crankcase pressure

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    t-stat housing and water pipes disassembled to prep for high temp powder coat.

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    Block machined and cleaned. Prepping for powder coat

    Heres a cool pic taken "mid-bake" process. You can see on the right hand side where the powder is starting to liquify

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    Oil squirters deleted

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