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    Random order photos.

    Plasti-gauge shows the clearance of the rod to the crank. You can see its perfect on target

    The head needed some repairs. An extractor was busted off and stuck in there so bad we had to use the plasma cutter to remove it. After center boring, a heli coil was inserted to repair the thread back to 8mm x 1.25.

    Lots and lots of cleaning before it goes off to the machine shop. The head was decked, disassembled, checked and reassembled.

    Preparing the tools. Only the best is used. Goodson calipers and bore gauge! MAC torque wrench.

    Head bolt thread chaser. Made from an old stock head bolt. Works great every time. Assures proper torquing of the head bolts.

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    washed with soap and water, rinsed and blow dried

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    everything is obsessively checked to make sure there will be no problems later. The tightest of tolerances are used.

    ringing the pistons

    torquing the ARP main and rod studs

    while the head gets ported

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    coated oil pump. the internals are packed with assembly lube to help prime during startup.

    The internal components are treated with phosphates to ensure the micro slick adheres. Although the internal pressure bypass was not eliminated, it will still have some good consistent pressure.

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    I donated my intake manifold to Stephen so he can take full advantage of the free port job my brother did on his cylinder head. Since his exhaust valves were bent, there was an unexpected delay with the build. The entire cylinder head is being reworked; new seals, guides and re-grind valves.

    Its hard to tell, but many hours went into smoothing the outside and porting the inside. When it was on my car it had a few layers of paint. So I blasted it clean inside and out and then powder coated it satin black to match the other stuff on his motor.

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    a few pics of how the underside will look. not much to update since the head is being machined. cant put the timing set on or much of anything else until it comes back.

    main seal installed

    oil pump and water pump mounted

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    Well its done!

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    wow, sweet as hell

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    Awesome attention to detail!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonIAm View Post
    wow, sweet as hell
    Quote Originally Posted by big lou View Post
    Awesome attention to detail!!
    thanks guys!

    posts 15 and 16 updated with pics.

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