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Thread: fuel injector cleaner?

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    fuel injector cleaner?

    i was advised to clean my injectors, is this a reoccuring problem? is there a way to use an additive to avoid taking the car in?

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    Each injector has a filter in the inlet.

    If that is Plugged with debris, there is nothing Liquid that you can add.

    Having said that, There is nothing to loose either to try, Injector cleaner is easy to find and cheap.

    Try it then if that does not work get the injectors maintained.

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    nice i was not aware of this filter i shall check it out, thanks for the response.

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    those filters are not serviceable. you can reorder a full inector rebuild kit from ebay or injector-rehab, but that's only going to do so much, if they are gummed up on the inside

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    best results I have gotten is a bottle of Chevron Techron complete fuel system cleaner for my Speed3. Ungummed my ERG, and MPG up a notch for a while. The injector services to me are just a scam.

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    well its been two fill ups and i just wanted to ping in again. i tried gumout the first time felt a small difference next fill up i used seafoam and since then on my third i have not yet to need any additives. ive used it on my honda but wanted something new but seafoam looked to ahve done it. any comments on seafoam? ive heard a few things here and there about the cons of it but thats all in the oil and bad gaskets but i have not personally put it into my oil.

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