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Thread: 350z Touring V1's

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    350z Touring V1's

    these are the wheels i am looking for, my post is has anyone on this forum tried this? i believe out stock wheels size is smaller than such and coming up is lowering the car, looking to flush the wheels and wanted a good idea of what it may look like.

    what are part sites i can find for the following correct camber kits for a mazda s3? what fits and compatible parts and so forth. everything suspension would be awesome but time is on my side and im in no rush. thank you all for the help everyone i know only a few ping in but none of you are douche bags like on the civic forums

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    Talking about these??

    And I keep hearing awesome things about the SURE Motorsports arms
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    niiiice i like that. as for when i lower i noticed these are rear correction camber are there fronts needed? the stock size of the mazda s3 are 17?

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