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    Tire Recommendations

    It is time to replace the tires on my wife's Mazda 5. A neighbor who works at a tire wholesaler suiggested a TOYO Proxes 4. I was interested in hearing from others about how happy they are with the tires on their 5s.

    I want to make sure she has good "stickiness" in snow and rain.

    Thanks to all for your input!

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    i believe that the stock tires on the 5 were toyo's, and they notoriously ate them up (the rear tires especially) because the rear is stupidly, but naturally toed out and cambers pretty bad, especially the more load you have in the back. i would stay away from toyo's for that reason. the 5 (and many 3's) really wear the inside on the rear tires very fast.

    i currently have bridgestone potenza g019 grid in 205/55/16 (i have the lower "GS" model in canada, not the "GT" with the 17's and moonroof etc. i know the US models differ in name with sport and touring, forget which is which) anyways, these tires SUCK!!! the traction is ok in wet and dry but they are super loud, like unacceptably so. and when i got the car they were brand new. also, i find after sitting in the driveway even just overnight they develop slight "flat spots" as you can feel a slight bumping as you drive, and it will only go away once the tires get up to a higher temp. like the casing settles and takes a bit to become elastic again. they are god awful and i despise them. i also hate the bridgestones i have on my protege5 as well for similar reasons, just not a flat spotting issue on that car.

    for winter tires i use nexen winguard 231 tires on BOTH my cars and they are simply incredible in wet and snow. i have used these tires on my cars for the last 5 years (on 3 different cars) and i cant say enough good about them for a cheap tire from walmart. they are a serious winter tire, they work fine in the dry and are surprisingly quiet and wear very little, but performance suffers in the dry, because its truely not what they are meant for.

    like i said i am in canada where summer and winter require 2 seperate sets of tires, so depending where you are climate wise choose appropriately. hope my experience helps you choose, or narrow down a list for what you need.
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