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Thread: New owner, a big question...

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    New owner, a big question...

    Hi all, a proud new owner of a 2005 Mazda3 sedan, (take delivery today)
    My question is this, What car do I have???
    I have done tons of research, did a VIN lookup, but I can't figure this out. Probably cause I'm a dweeb.
    So I do a VIN lookup, and it tells me I have the "S" model. The S comes with certain standard features with available options. But the car I just bought has (from what I can tell so far) every single option available except 17" alloy wheels. Heated leather, sunroof, premium system (at one time, it has since been replaced with an aftermarket)... all the bells and whistles.
    My confusion lies in buying an "S" and then spending all that money upgrading all the available options. Wouldn't it be more cost effective to just buy the "SP25"?
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    Let me know if you need more info, I'll do my best to comply

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    Canada has different options/models than the US, sorry i cant be of much help but hey someone could have ordered the S and then decked it out... ive seen stranger things happen haha

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