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Thread: DPF removal success stories

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    DPF removal success stories

    Hi all

    Got my mazda 6 2nd hand last Friday, I only had it for 2 days, since then it has been in the garage.

    I have spent a lot of time since then reading through pages and pages on the net to try and find success stories of people in the same position as me who have had their DPF removed and never looked back.

    I would like to hear about any body who has had a DPF problem and got it removed and ECU changed.

    Who removed it?
    How Much?
    How has your Mazda been since?
    And any other important info you think is relevant

    If you feeling that you don't have any of the following information please don't post.

    There are plenty of other pages with people talking about
    "Oh it wont pass a MOT"
    "what about the environment"
    "oh Mazda wants ££££"
    "I've been told this and that"
    and of course
    "bla bla bla"

    Thank you for your time and i really look forward to reading some happy stories so i know that there is light at the end of this tunnel.

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    I have had some recent work done to my mazda 6 TS2 143. I can report that it is money well spent.

    I went with 'flash remaps' in kent which was very local for me. The advantage was the fact that my remapper did not work on the hardware at all he stuck to the software side of things which he knew well and his sister company dealt with the physical dpf brick removal.

    Smart guy is slightly wrong with the physical removal approach which is commonly used and is better for the majority of mazda 6 owners. All that is done is the actual brick is cut out of the DPF can leaving the CAT brick intact - and the can simply gets welded back up and replaced. No one will every know its not there and no one will ever care enough to check whether it is there or not. The main cowboy error will be taking out the CAT or messing up the welds. (just ask to see the brick when they are done - you don't want to keep it, it will be full of soot and quite fragile)

    Obviously the sofware side of things is more complex and this is what your paying for. I had all the sensors recalibrated to read as though is no pressure change that might be caused by a build up of soot in the DPF brick and a system reset to tell the ECU that the DPF is 0% full. This will ensure no further regens occur.....ever!

    I got this done as a precaution at 55k miles, having read about nighmare stories online of the oil level rising and forcing the engine to run off the deisel forced into the sump during regens which in the worst case can be terminal.

    In addition I also had a performance remap which, combined with the DPF removal has seen decent gains in torque and bhp I haven't have these measured yet but I'm guessing 180-190 bhp and 320-335 lb-ft.

    All in just under £500. I'm impressed

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