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Thread: F1 Racing clutch/flywheel

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    F1 Racing clutch/flywheel

    Woohoo! First thread in the section, I'm so special!

    Anyway, to my topic. I am going to have to get a new clutch sooner rather than later with all my new power, so I've been shopping around. I see these F1 Racing sets on eBay, lo and behold Good-Win Racing carries some of the line (yes, I do browse there. Prudent shopper and all that). Has anyone on here had any experience with them, or know someone who has? The price is right but I don't want to have to remove the tranny twice to do this job due to a poor set of components.
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    I believe tony has the flywheel.
    That's what I plan to do. Get a cheap lightweight flywheel and a excedy stage 1 or 2
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    Friend of mine has an F1 in his S50 e30. It's a stage 3 I believe and it's a SERIOUS clutch. Always grips like a champ though. I'd stick with something like a Stage 1 or 2 if you're not planning on racing it.

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    I have the F1 flywheel on a OEM Exedy clutch. I really like the combo, on my stockish, slow car. I have an F1 flywheel, and an ACT stage 1 in the SpecV, and that is definitely a big jump up. Super grippy

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    Thanks for the input guys. I asked around and did some research as well. Seems like their lower-level clutches aren't well thought of, the Stage 3 is but seems to be a beast. I thought about doing like you Tony and getting one of their flywheels then pairing it with the FM clutch, but I would still be looking at about the cost of a FM Happy Meal. Might as well just go that route then.

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