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Thread: Smurfy's fag mobile

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    Angry Smurfy's fag mobile

    Here's my 2004 turbo gay mobile

    I enjoyed it stock for a long time before the mod bug bit. Since then it's gotten lots of mods since, many from Home Depot Racing, Lowes Racing, and Ebay tuning.

    I drove it from NYC to Las Vegas in 6 days back in April, had a blast meeting mazda peeps along the way. Since then, it's been my daily driver + weekend autox'er.

    I've never actually listed mods... here goes...

    Intake made from home depot pipes by some guy named Joe in Galt, CA
    Turbosmart bpv/mbc
    Ebay Downpipe
    Ebay (mishimoto) fmic
    Goodwin's Roadstersport3 exhaust
    Reverent Built MS2
    Lowes barb for tb coolant bypass

    mishimoto 53mm Radiator
    mishimoto silicone hoses
    mishimoto temp gauge rad cap
    NRG cooling panel
    FM setrab/mocal oil cooler kit

    949 Xida cs 550/350
    949 endlinks f&r
    Vorschlag remote adjusters
    ES Diff bushings
    Tire Rack c3m 15x9 wheels
    225/45/15 hankook rs3
    Ebay muteki spline lugs
    FM frame rails
    FM shock tower spacers
    HDHCSD + SFI padding & vinyl wrap
    Various stainless steel bolts/nuts from Home Depot, to replace ones I broke (RSB bracket, strut tower bar)

    FM boost gauge
    Innovate LC1
    GROM USB/BT mp3 player
    Ebay OBD2 BT adapter
    Beltronics rx65 recently stolen
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    Looks nice! You are the Speedforums

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    Where in NY?

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    Not in NYC no more, moved to Vegas. Kept plates till recently though lol <3

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    hey smurfy, I was wondering who did your valve cover? It looked strangely familiar to the one I did for a member here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Signature Sound View Post
    hey smurfy, I was wondering who did your valve cover? It looked strangely familiar to the one I did for a member here.
    Probably factory brohan

    Quote Originally Posted by Tungsten6
    maybe you should think harder maybe your the one who should be in school if you cant correct my mistakes in your head

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    Yup, its factory. My care for aesthetics ends at detailing.

    Great job on that vc btw. I've seen way too many half assdd ones. How did you get the wrinkle so even?

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    Just realized I don't have a recent bay shot

    Joe made me a new intake, one matched to Vegas climate instead of NYC. Cold Aire extension dropped air temps 20-30 degrees! Post fmic boost controller signal, no more boost sag (this combats boost creep in NYC winters). This intake also allows me to easily switch between stock ecu and ms2. I'm continually amazed with what Joe can turn home depot pipes into.

    Boost signal vacuum tube from vato zone rated for 6.9 bar, good to know it'll hold if I ever want to boost at f1 turbo era levels.

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