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Thread: insane amount of force to move shift lever, changing all gears is difficult

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    the car won't go into gear. i tried bleeding again. after bleeding, unfortunately the pedal would not come back up - had no pressure. i pushed the rod into the slave cylinder and i heard the pedal "pop" back into place. except the rod didnt return and the fork is sort of wobbling around now. i went back and had to pump the pedal a bunch of times to get pressure back. but the car would not get into gear when turned on.

    i've got new master/slave cylinders coming in the mail. the service manual states to lube the cup/piston/inner shaft with brake fluid during disassembly. is that required for new hardware or are they ready to install out of the box? thanks

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    i have clutch pedal back, i can push the gear shift lever into a gear when the car is running, and it is tremendously easier to push into gear. the new master + slave cylinder was aftermarket. the master wasn't a direct fit, the connection to the hardline was in the wrong angle. had to connect the hardline first, then forcibly "finesse" it onto the car. it also did not have a gasket, so i reused the gasket from the old one. the engagement point is higher (about the same as when i got the car for the first time) so i'll have to adjust the pedal again. big thanks for everybody's input.

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