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Thread: Lovesac Pillowsac with Seawater Rhinoplush Cover

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    Lovesac Pillowsac with Seawater Rhinoplush Cover

    Looking for a good home for our 'just as good as new but at a fraction of retail price' lovesac pillowsac. The sac was purchased on 5/17/12, removed from the duffle on 5/18/12 and fluffed vigoursly, left to sit overnight and fluffed some more throughout the day on 5/19/12, left to sit overnight again and finally squeezed into the seawater rhinoplush cover on 5/20/12.

    Not only is it comfortable (made with durofoam) but very universal as well. It can be set against a wall and will sit two people or you can purchase the rocker frame which will allow you to use it guessed it...a rocker! Our favorite 'mode' was the peapod (pictured below) where you stand it on it's side and punch one end down, you then place your butt in the hole just punched and flop back for an oh-so-nice seat. And you can remove the cover revealing the *insert disclaimer for lewd and provocative language on a public forum* naked (stripper) sac which is a foot bigger and will accomodate a full size fitted sheet, giving you a full size bed for guests or yourself. The rhinoplush cover in seawater (grey with blue tones) is easily removed at any time and also stain resisitant and machine washable.

    Link to video from website to offer more sac education and give a good visual as to just how versatile this piece is

    Now that I've talked this up, I'm sure you are asking 'why in the hell are you selling?'....well that is simple. After visiting the lovesac store with my wife and both of us clamoring over how great it was, I went back on a whim one day and purchased it without giving regard to just how it would fit in our living room...well it doesn't so much with the loveseat, couch, tables, chairs etc, so my loss is your gain!

    Which leads us loss....I paid $481.50 for this set with 7% NJ sales tax and if I want to return it I'll have to shrink it down so it fits in the duffle bag it came in (which will fit in the trunk of a 2010 Mazda3 sedan ) and take a 25% loss for restocking. So instead I'm willing to offer a fellow forum member a deal and eat even more than 25%. Price is $300.00 which includes the nakedsac, seawater rhinoplush cover and duffle bag. Obviously I'm not looking to ship this so local pick-up is preferred and I'm willing to meet somewhere within the Lehigh Valley area of PA as well as the Phillipsburg/Clinton NJ area. If you are interested and on the outskirts of this area, post up or shoot me a pm, I'm reasonable and have driven farther to sell/buy items.

    As per forum

    Pillowsac with Seawater Rhinoplush Cover


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    I was arrested for trying to sell my lovesack once

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    LMAO Tony....but it's all in the presentation. My lovesac ad is very inconspicous. hehe

  4. #4 what are the dimensions when in the cover? I gotta make sure it fits in my living room too haha.

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    Gotcha Shawn, took this pic right from the website for that 'nice visual'. haha I personally liked the peapod position for this and they do sell a rocker frame for it as well which is the second pic below....takes up a bit more space but also offers nice seating for two. And if you've ever sat on Phen's, then you know just how comfy they are! Bah, couldn't get the images to are links to them.

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    Bump....c'mon guys and gals....some comfy seating here....and I could use the money to pay an upcoming med. bill.

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