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Unfortunately I can't see the pictures for some reason, otherwise I'd be salivating like the rest of the goons. I did see the engine bay shots from the previous page before I got back on the ship and I know the rest is to that same high standard.
Thanks Mike! I sent you the hi res pics. Wish we could have done the body work, its pretty much all the car needs now. Worked on the suspension this weekend (to take it out of 4x4 mode). Had an epic battle with some camber plates for the rear. Had to cut it short to avoid the Tornado that ripped thru the area.

So heres the story, We tried putting on the camber plates... that was easy. The threaded tube was the beeyatch. The collars were jammed so we couldn't lower it down. The lower strut mount can be spun to compensate, but if you go too low with the lower mount the threaded tube hits the e-brake cable.

We ended up taking the camber plates back off because they are not angled the same as the rear top mounts of the car. This causes the strut to stick outward from the car. Oh well...

A few random pics