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Thread: Signature Brings the Funk!

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    Signature Brings the Funk!

    Some of you might recognize the car or even know the owner. This is Funkalicious' beautiful California ride all stanced out and clean clean. No rust!!!! Mr. Funk has done quite a bit to it already and would make any Pro owner jealous as hell.

    How this came about: Funk had asked me to do a custom valve cover, coolant tank, and catch can set for him.

    He asked if I could do a few other things in his bay, do a battery relocation kit, and some other misc things... So I asked if he wanted to just ship the whole car out to me. And he did.

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    So he sent a few spare parts and things that needed to be installed. And even an extra engine for parts.

    We got to work right away on the spare motor tearing it down and prepping it for the "Signature Treatment"

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    The head will have tons of work done to it. So many hours and late nights will be spent removing any oil flow back restrictions. We are also doing a mild port job, shaping and gasket matching. Everything will be done with efficiency in mind. The modest power level of 350 will be achived with minimal motor effort and max reliability. Even the block will go on a diet. All casts removed for better oil flow back

    Pump passages reshaped and polished for optimal efficiency

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    a few little touches like this USB port was mounted for easy tuning access

    And I didnt get a picture yet, but the bass control knob was very stealthly installed next to the fog light and dimmer switches. It looks factory. We have our work cut out with all the wiring. A few bugs to fix with the dash display, install the turbo timer and make sure all the gauges function properly. Not to mention relocating the engine fuse box and so on...

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    no need for a picker if you take the motor out piece by piece

    But we thought it would be cool to see how our new top mount manifold would look. We also discovered that it WILL work with the air conditioning!!! Even with the massive 3.5" downpipe, no modifications were needed other than the included water neck relocation.

    Manifold features Schedule 30 SS pipe, 1/2" thick SS flanges, T3 top mount style, HUGE 1.5" inside diameter runners, tig welded, external wastegate with tons of options to choose from. Ceramic coating, O2 bungs, recirc or open dump, electronic cut out, DEI Titanium wrap and so much more.

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    without giving too much away, C L E A N is the theme. We will be doing some really trick shit with this. For example: tucking the radiator!!!

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    Awesome to see this car getting built up. I helped Hung with the initial motor/trans swap (in the rain, on his slanted driveway no less LOL) and am definitely looking forward to this build!

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