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Thread: Signature Brings the Funk!

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    wow! some badass stuff going on! i cant wait to see more!

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    Good lord the Protege wiring harness is such a mess.

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    maybe you should think harder maybe your the one who should be in school if you cant correct my mistakes in your head

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    made some good progress over the holiday. There are two major looms to hide; the passenger side firewall and the driver side fuse box. We took care of the drivers side by extending several wires so they can be properly routed and hidden. They were also untangled by "de-pinning" from the connector rather than simply cut and respliced.

    Even the wiper motor and master cylinder level sensor wires were not overlooked

    the wires were pulled back into the dash kick panel area, disassembled, re-taped and then routed thru the firewall directly where the new fuse box home will be

    The new routing of the wires will hide the loom under each frame rail. The headlights will have the wires come from below instead of from above (much cleaner). The new home for the fuse box is where the battery used to be. The battery will be relocated to the trunk with 0awg wire to make sure cranking will not be an issue.

    So to mount the fuse box in an accesible, yet hidden spot, we had to modify the ABS bracket to sit 2 inches closer to the firewall. We sectioned the bracket so the stock bolt holes could still be used


    The bracket was then treated with acid etch primer to keep it from rusting while the rest of the bay is mocked up.

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    Next project tackled was the Rad support. It was barely hanging on by half of a spot weld, so we decided to strengthen the hell out of it by installing 3.5" bezels for the turbolife intercooler inlet/ outlet, and rewelding all the joining sheet metal. Even in stock form there was a lot of weakness here, but now its so strong it doesnt flex at all! Plus the couplers for the intercooler will have a fancy place to come thru on each side of the new radiator (which will be tucked underneath the upper support).

    BARELY hanging on!

    and again treated with primer to keep from rusting.
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    next weekend we will be taking care of the other wire loom

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    Fuck, You just gave me a flashback of two months ago...

    I'll never get that time back...

    Nice Progress.

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    Very nice work.

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    Worked on the oil system. The billet block off adapter and remote filter mount leave a ton of room for improvement. The flow restrictions have been removed



    We are also working on a cusomized 626 intake manifold that will be tested on the dyno against the 505 intake manifold.

    Here you can see progression of the runner porting

    hiding the wires completely

    And lastly since there was a change of plans for the fuse box, some wires will be rerouted to behind the dash where the AC condenser used to be

    Each wire was de-pinned from its connector and routed accordingly. The ones flopped over the passenger fender will be the engine looms, the rest get tucked back in. There were hours and hours spent on untangling and making sure each loom can be individualized for the cleanest path once the motor goes back in.

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    Nice, you going to be welding/smoothing all the extra holes in the engine bay as well? I've always wanted to do that on my car, but never had the time

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    more progress this weekend. Since we will be putting the engine fuse box under the glove box (mounted to the inside of the air conditioner condensor, but still accessible), we had to extend about 58 wires.

    Here is the first of 5 looms

    We did them one at a time which required tons of untangling, but a necessary evil to ensure no mistakes.

    We also eliminated all the Vampire clamps that were on the ECU going to the SSAFC and soldered the connections, and double heat shrink wrapped them.
    The wires are also routed behind the dash a little more functional. The power wires were separated from the shielded signal wires so noise interference will be greatly reduced.

    So much to straighten and clean up, but important to keep organized for any trouble shooting that may need to happen later on.

    ALL of this got eliminated
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