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Thread: WTF...another damned thinking about a Miata thread...

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    What are you specifically looking for in a car. Miatas are cheaper in Florida or you can get more for your money let's say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mini_FD View Post
    What are you specifically looking for in a car. Miatas are cheaper in Florida or you can get more for your money let's say.
    Looking for a nice unmolested NA at/around 100K with an at. I don't want red (again) and my big problem is getting hung up on the SBY, LB and M-Editions. Would love to grab one of those but when a decent one pops up they are out of my budget. Looking back I should have bought that smurf in DE with hard top that I first linked in this thread vs. overthinking it and missing out on a pretty good deal.

    Have yet to hear back on either b&t and the smurf sold but I'm in talks with a guy about another 92 b&t, no hard top and higher miles (160K) but according to the owner it's in good condition inside and out. Still waiting on pics to verify....

    As for that speed you linked...I'll pass. I'm dealing with rust on the P5 and not looking to get another one with similar issues to worry about. I've been checking ebay,, autotrader and cl daily for the past week. I've been looking out West, TX, LA, FL, MS, AL, GA, TN and the Carolinas to hopefully find a nice rust free car.

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    Yeah hold out for a rust free car, or you'll end up still looking for I did
    roadster love.

    "Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Adding lightness makes you faster everywhere."

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    Yep! Just changed the rear DS turn signal bulb tonight and dropped the nut down in the rear of the hatch. Pulled back the carpet on that side and it's all rusted out too. Have a feeling if I pull hard enough in there I'll have a sizeable chunk of the car in my hand! So now I'm pondering on whether to pick up a Miata now and see how much longer I can keep the P5 on the road or see just what I can get on a trade for it and pick up a "family appropriate" second car or pick up a Miata, start to part out the P5, scrap the shell and then use that money as a down payment for a third car. All I want is another three years out of her....

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    ^^^^don't listen to that nonsense, I bought one!

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    Closing since i found one.

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