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Thread: WTF...another damned thinking about a Miata thread...

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    WTF...another damned thinking about a Miata thread...

    As some of you may know, our daughter will be getting her permit next June and the current plan is to pass the Protege5 keys to her as long as the FS holds out that long. So Tam and I have been talking about adding a third car to the stable so I used that fact to my advantage on promoting the Miata for said dd duties. She can no longer stand behind the 'it's not a practical second car' defense.

    I will be on a budget and not looking to add another car payment to the monthly expenses but won't rule that out for the 'right one' so I'll be mainly looking at NAs and NBs. I got quite a bit of research to do on them to find any potential problem areas that may be MY specific, different editions, colors, options etc. but know there is quite a bit of knowledge found here to start with. After all it is The Miata Forum. lol

    Seeing that I have some time I haven't set a budget in stone but looking between the 3k-5k range. Hoping that I can find a nice reliable and decent looking car within that range. Now that the backstory is out of the way, I'll go ahead and be the first one to post a link to one that blows my budget out of the water......but oh-so-very tempting. Maybe, just maybe it will be sitting on their lot next year at this time and they'll drop the price just to move it.

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    Oh, right.. on topic. $3-5k range pretty much just says NA, you could find an NB1 for $5k.. but we all know how Jerry's story goes.

    I would look for a clean and unmolested M edition in the color(year) of your liking, and then if you haven't met your budget (but you probably will have) you can get a roll bar for it.
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    I'll make you a good deal on an NA. You like black?
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    How much? Oh sorry for highjacking.
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    it was just a metter of time! i'll be on the look out for you jeff! you'll want a nice "southern" car or at least on that has been garaged all winter
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    Haha Jeff, good to see you join this. PS, it's understandable, I love love love the 10AE's although that one is priced a little high IMO. I'll keep my eyes open for anything local since it would be a reasonable distance for you.

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    Glad to see you got Tam to agree! I was just doing my semi-routine looking on eBay last night and saw a 10AE listed for $14,xxx so there is more than one person who is asking a lot (I also saw the gift set listed for $350!).

    Two other places to look are these:

    I found mine on the miatamart site. I have heard good things about the other site, the owner is apparently a stand-up guy and he can arrange to ship the car to you if you can't travel to pick it up. Of course there is always a lot of assistance on here as well.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks guys! The fun now will be going thru and finding the right one. I've done some minimal searches on CL and the net so far and there are soooo many choices. Nice links Mark and Shawn and appreciate you guys finding some good candidates. Not so crazy about that third one but as Armageddon (day she gets her permit) nears and depending on my budget a decent running car will win out over looks. I'd rather have to worry about repairing some dings and such after the fact than whether or not it's going to get me to/from work. And Ryan, sure thing, I'll give you tree fiddy! Well, Mike it wasn't so much that I finally got her to agree, it has more to do with the fact that it will be a third car. But she seems to be warming up to it...slowly but warming up. Thanks too for the links, going to check them out now. I did a quick KBB check and they list the car I found in 'excellent condition' and the suggested price I can expect to pay from a dealer is $12,712?! So, maybe it's not that high? Oh yeah, sent them my info last night to get the 'eprice'. The internet price saves me $150!!! bwahahahahahaha I've since received two other emails today from the internet sales mgr and a voicemail. Hmmmm, maybe I can talk them down a bit.

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    Thanks again Mike, those sites were nice but not a lot to choose from. Miatamart had three listed and funcarsforsale had two. I added them to my faves here at work and will do the same at home.

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