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Thread: shitty oil system

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    shitty oil system

    So as most of us know, we have a shitty oil system. We have the opportunity to run a doc b system which I also have with the awr deep sump oil pan. After 7k on my built motor (1k on full synthetic) I lost another rod bearing which happen to be our favorite #3 bearing. I've been toying with the idea of a dry sump system or even having the oil pump push oil into the block in that side of the motor (flywheel side), yet the oil channel in the back of the block is blocked back the starter. I have been researching an accusump system to help with cold starts and such. Any opinions or ideas? Thanks.

    Also have been considering chamfering the oil holes in the crank to a larger diameter

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    Sounds to me more like the engine failed perhaps due to the person who assembled the engine. I literally have one hundred and forty thousand Km on my engine and it has the original oil pump...

    Not saying that it cant be better, or that it isn't shit... just that you might have a combo of bad luck and a shitty designed oil system

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