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Thread: The MP5T

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    Texas mile?? Top speed run?

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    Uummmm... making a video? Multi-view, single run?

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    You need the '03 headlights to really set that front end off.
    Completely stock...

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    He's already got those, unfortunately a few days too late for that awesome photoshoot.
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    IMHO '02 headlights rule... just like in the above pics!
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    Getting Ready for WWIII...

    MP5T vs 190 MPH

    Carbon Diffuser Design is starting.
    Engine and Trans #1 is Coming Out to be rebuilt,
    Engine #2 is Going in with a New Clutch and FV
    Trans #1 is Getting Taller Gears for 4th and 5th
    - 4th Gear (0.725) Taller 3000 RPM = 123 Km per Hour
    - 5th Gear (0.625) Taller 3000 RPM - 145 Km per Hour

    Just a follow up on some basic math that was done..

    The New 4th Gear will do 155MPH at 6500 RPM and 167 at 7000 RPM
    The New 5th Gear will do 180MPH at 6500 RPM and 194 at 7000 RPM

    In 5th Gear at 66 MPH, the engine will be turning 2200 RPM when just driving normally...
    I will likely have to be in 4th all the time unless I am over 80 MPH.

    4400 RPM at 120 MPH... Which can easily be sustained without any worry of damage to any engine part..

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    oh this will be even MORE nuts. . .

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    roadster love.

    "Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Adding lightness makes you faster everywhere."

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    this may sound stupid, or crazy, or whatever you want to call it, and feel free to curse me out for suggesting it. but why not just go for 200mph?? i mean i can see from your canadian point of view, you want to reach 300kph or about 186mph. round that up and your at 190mph or 305kph. why not just go for the extra 15kph to hit 200 mph?? i mean the 190mph mark is far and above what the P5 is normally capable of obviously, so why not aim for the "supercar" benchmark of 200mph?

    again, don't get me wrong. 190 is super impressive and i have all the respect in the world for you, your car and your abilities no matter how fast MP5T goes, i'm just curious as to the reasoning behind 190 vs 200. and i am quite aware of the drastic amount of work and design that will be needed to hit either of those speeds.

    best of luck with your war brian.

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