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Thread: Scorch3's BG

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    Carnage pic.

    Got the new one installed but managed to knock the hand brake spring bracket off we'll using the hammer to position and re-install the new strut. Had to come up with a creative solution.

    Also noticed some soft spots in floor have gotten worse over the winter. I don't she's going to make it through inspection come October.

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    So yesterday when I left school (last exam of univeristy, fucking done!) my radio and acc shit wouldn't work. I took it home and tried the spare fuse form the fuse box cover, didn't help. Went to my dad's to help him install a new strut and grabbed a fuse while I was there because I wasn't sure if the one form the cover may have been blown to begin with. Tried the new one and things were working then suddenly smoke was pouring out of the steering column. I managed to blow the little fire out through the hole in the bottom of the column casing. Took the cover off and it was my tach wires that had melted. Luckily it seemed to be all that was damaged so I just pulled it all out and the car seems to be fine. Couldn't find anywhere they had been rubbing or anything so I'm not really sure what happened there. Jut going to live without it for now.

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    Feels good, man. JC-MX5's Avatar
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    Wow, that sucks, man. Glad it didn't escalate, though!
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    Yeah seriously. It was a good thing I was sitting in the driveway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC-MX5 View Post
    Glad it didn't escalate, though!
    I just lol'd so hard. Sorry.. I know it's not on topic but I had to post.

    On topic: Who needs a tach anyways? :P
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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