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Thread: Scorch3's BG

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    Dang man....pretty fracked up pieces you got there

    Proteges are exciting, you never know when a rod will be emancipated - DaftIntrovert

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    You have your work cut out for you there!
    roadster love.

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    If you look at the longest piece of that bolt you can see it has a sort of groove around it, thats not supposed to be there. The bolt runs through a groove on the ball joint which was so wrecked it was moving around inside the pinch joint and trying to pull itself free of the hub in the process creating a groove in the bolt and a sort of flat spot on it self (the shiny spot in the pic). Theres no way that car should of been on the highway...

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    So took it to the mechanic today, the parking brake turned out to be a little seized, the strut needs to be replaced as I already knew, the rear endlinks are also shot, and we found some serious rust in the drivers strut tower that had previously been hidden by the battery. Also the clutch slipped getting on the highway. All in all not what I was hoping to hear but not too bad I guess considering what I paid for the car. Lots of work to do before October though.

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    You are still in school right?

    Proteges are exciting, you never know when a rod will be emancipated - DaftIntrovert

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    Well its summer break right now but yeah, start again early September. Gives me a month to get everything squared away.

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    Yeah I figured you were on break. I start back Aug. 22nd. Lucky you have time to get it working well.

    Proteges are exciting, you never know when a rod will be emancipated - DaftIntrovert

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    Ya that was part of why I chose this one, I wanted to give myself a month to do whatever work was needed.

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    Clutch decided to start slipping like mad tonight, fuck going up hills in anything but second. Noticed a wet spot in the driveway where I was parked last night as I pulled in, seems oily but its too dark to really look. I don't think I really knew what I was getting in to with this car.

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    Opened up the drum brakes, removed the e-brake mechanism locked it into the vice sprayed it with rust check and wiggled until it finally moved freely again then packed it with brake grease. So thats one more thing checked off the list. I'm worried I have a rear main seal leak though and if the tranny is coming off its getting a new clutch, which I didn't want to do until next summer.

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