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Thread: check engine code P0402

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    check engine code P0402

    Scanned for DTC codes found DTC P0402-excessive EGR flow detected.
    I removed and cleaned the carbon from pintile and reinstalled the EGR valve. Cleared the codes and took off. Within 30 miles the light was back on. Now what should I try?

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    It can be several things.

    1. Malfunctioned EGR Valve.

    2. A leak i the emissions tubing.

    3. Dirty intake manifold.

    I would start with taking apart the upper half of the intake manifold and using lots and lots of Carb. Cleaner. I also scrubbed it with a wire brush but most of the build comes off with the spray. If that doesn't work I would move on to the evap system that's on your right side of the engine bay.

    Do you hear any whistling noises or loud clicking coming from a sensor?

    Check these things out and come back.
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