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Thread: Cat back for 2011 speed3 - ?

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    Cat back for 2011 speed3 - ?

    Does anyone make a cat back for this vehicle if so can someone steer me there - thx

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    Corksport does. My buddy Jason used to work for them and was part of the development. Pulled some pretty good gains out of an intake and exhaust alone.

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    I'll agree with the corksport. I believe CP-e also has one too but I'm not sure if it's publiclly available yet.

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    I've heard good things about the CS and Racing Beat makes one as well.

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    anyone have the CorkScrew - lol - please chime in would love to hear reviews ...

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    Not a lot of GenPu owners here. I would check YouTube for audio clips. Corksport is awesome, they make top notch stuff.

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    Don't forget Ultimate Racing. Don't they make one for genpu?
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    Still bank. CNT Racing is working on a GenPu. 1st gen is $300!

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