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Thread: Remote keys.....

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    Unhappy Remote keys.....

    About a year ago, I lost the key from the flat black remote. I didn't take it out and lose it.
    One day it just went missing, and was no longer inside the remote. Couldn't figure out how
    it was possible as the keys are fairly tight inside the remotes. But I thought it might have
    got caught on something?......didn't know.....eventually started using the second key remote.
    Never took the key's just not necessary to use the key...........after a few months,
    the second key disappeared as well.......???? What gives??? Does anybody know????
    Has this happened to anyone else?........I'm stumped! My car is a year I have to take it back............I don't know how those keys could have come out of those remotes. They're
    just not going to believe me! Help! And no, I wasn't drinking, or otherwise indisposed!

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    Sorry..missed your post. That sucks! Almost 5 years, still have ours. Thoughts are to buy blanks on eBay, just put em in when you return the car. They might not notice.

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