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Thread: WOO! Finally

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    LOL, I just bought another snowboard too!

    (Oh and I like the MSP knob in there.)
    roadster love.

    "Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Adding lightness makes you faster everywhere."

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    I keep meaning to find a washer to put under it so it's screwed on straight, but been too lazy. Great shift knob though.
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    Wow long time no update. So here's what happened since.

    I put the car away for the winter, and noticed the following.

    That led to the first parts order, which was plugs, wires, brake lines, clutch line, tow hook, shift boots, 949 endlinks, and the big beefy sway bar replacements. Got all that in and then it sat...and sat...and sat. In Jan I bought a 4.1 Torsen from a buddy, and that was my catylst. Picked it up two weeks ago, pulled the old one put the new one in, ordered roll bar (HDHCDDHT), picked that up, just finished it today. Have everything done except the lines and sway bar brackets. When I started the job I saw you had to pull the rad. I wasn't interested in doing that yet, so I left them alone for now and focused on the other stuff. Next plan of attack is to take the car into my shop and have them try to find an oil and small coolant leak I've been chasing for 2 weeks. Neither is bad, but both are leaking. That should happen Tuesday, and hopefully I'll have the car back that evening or the next day. I may have them do the sway bar mounts, or I may do them next weekend. Haven't decided. Whenever I do the mounts though, I also have a F/R set of MSM sway bars to go on the car, at least temporiarily. I'm borrowing them from a buddy instead of them sitting in his garage. He'll likely want them back around July, so I have until then to decide which setup I would like.

    I also noticed that my *Specs were basically done, and unfortunately I don't have cash for 15x9's and RS-3's yet, particularly as I need narrow springs to fit the 15x9's. Decided to go with a set of 195/60R14 RT-615K's after hearing some great things. $80 or so less than *Specs in the same size, and when ordered from Discount Tires Direct to a address in Ogdensburg (1hr drive) it works out to $190 less than buying in Canada, that's after taxes too.

    Up next will be suspension. I'm thinking FM V-Maxx as they're inexpensive and supposidly decent. I'd be happy to get two summers out of them before binning them at $600. Will likely order with FM bars too, but that may change.

    '06 Mazda 3
    '97 Mazda Miata

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    Hum....long time no update.

    Since March the following has happened.

    1. 4.1 Torsen.

    2. Foamectomy.
    3. Roll bar.
    4. Mazdaspeed front sway bar brackets.
    5. HP+ all around.
    6. Joe parts (shifter boots, plugs, wires, brake lines, brake fluid, endlinks, oil change, valve cover, CAS o-ring, new brake pins).
    7. Roll bar.

    8. 195/60R14 RT-615K's.

    9. FM VMaxx NB kit with sway bars.

    10. Silicon heater hoses after the rubber ones crack on me.
    11. New front R lip to replace the one I shattered last year.
    12. 6UL's with 225/45R15 RS-3's.

    Was planning on doing those over the winter, but when rolling my fenders last weekend discovered the 615K's were bald...and I have a track day tonight and two more autox's. Found a set of 6UL's in the right size at Phils Tire Services since 949 is all sold out, but he only had bronze. I wanted black, said screw it and went with bronze. Ordered wheels and tires monday, arrived in Ogdensburg on Tuesday. Picked them up Thursday, had them installed. Put them on the car this morning. Can't wait till tonight, leaving to meet up with buddies for lunch before we hit the track in about an hour.

    Fucking A!
    '06 Mazda 3
    '97 Mazda Miata

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