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Thread: Detailed my wife's CX-7 today...

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    Detailed my wife's CX-7 today...

    Here are where I have a ton of the pics. Been 2 years since a good waxing. Washed, Mothers claybar, and Meguiar's Gold Glass liquid waxed the car and wheels. Then inside did a Meguiars leather cleaner, then conditioner on the seats. Then cleaned the rest of the insides and used Armor All Natural Finish on the plastics. This, after I also ran the Meguiars headlight restore to make the headlights clear again last weekend. 78,400 miles since July 2006. Zoom Fucking Zoom.

    CX-7 Detail 4-2-2011 pictures by raiderms3 - Photobucket


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    Oooo do the MS3!
    I want to detail my car sometime in April, but don't have the time...
    2008 Black Mica Mazdaspeed3 Sport

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    I was going to do it, but I have 1 more month to wait. Front bumper was replaced, and hood repainted last month.

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    very pretty!

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    Thanks! She only saw it shiny like that for a day. Poored heavily yesterday morning. But last night, she drove it home, and I swear nothing stuck to it. Still freaking shiny. Tires are not glossy, but who cares.

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