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Thread: New to the Mazda community

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    New to the Mazda community

    Hi all,
    Just picked up a new 2010 CX-7 yesterday. So far we love it. Haven't had a Mazda for quite a few years; drove a '98 626 for a while. The folks over on the bmw forums have been incredibly helpful with my 3 series, so I figured I had better get established over here as well!

    I'm sure I'll figure this out with a little more poking around, but is there anything I need be cautious of, watch out for, etc?

    Glad to meet everyone,

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    welcome! great looking car, I love what they did with the restyled front bumper. Makes it a lot sportier looking
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    welcome to TMF! How you enjoy it here.

    the only real thing you need to be cautious over is your right foot
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    welcome aboard, i wanted the wife to get the cx7...ended up with a tribute...she likes it because it's "boxy"

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