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Thread: 1/30/2011 - Riverside Mazda Meet Pictures

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    Smile 1/30/2011 - Riverside Mazda Meet Pictures

    This is only Poondoggs and I's second MOCC event since our move from Vegas/OH/PA (yep, all in one year) and I have to say you all seem like an awesome crowd to get to know! My pictures are below...I am by no means a photographer so take it easy on the criticism (sorry about the water spots too). lol I tried to get pics of everybody but some came and went so it was kinda hard. I have more pics on my Facebook so add me if you want (just let me know who you are).

    Looking forward to meeting more of you!

    Our Drive Down To Riverside Mazda:

    The Meet:

    Some Highlights:

    Leaving Riverside Mazda:

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    I gotta say, the REPU was the best looking vehicle there. lol

    Good turnout, though.
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    ^^^Yeah, I liked all the cars. Plus everyone was really chill so that makes it even better!

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