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Thread: quick question?

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    duplicate threads merged.

    I'll just echo all the above posters in saying RUN AWAY the Mazdaspeed Protege motor is garbage compared to the 2.0 in your Mazda3. The Mazda3 motor has decades newer technology.

    Cosworth sells lots of nice stuff for your engine:
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefmg View Post
    To the OP: I don't know how much forum experience you have, but starting two threads asking the same question is a quick way to get flamed.

    I don't know if HiBoost is still around, they had a good reputation for building reasonably priced turbo kits. I met a guy local to me with a 3 that had one, it was a clean install.
    thanx new 2 it

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    I just noticed your screen name...does it happen to do with a certain football coach?

    yes I am threadjacking.

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    Like that never happens around here...

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    sell the car and get a mazdaspeed3
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    i heard the mazdaspeed motor will not fit. an issue with the firewall? has any one seen a swap done?

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