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Thread: ScratchNSniff's HUGE Parts Blowout...

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    ScratchNSniff's HUGE Parts Blowout...

    So, once again, it is time to clean out some extra inventory I have been accumulating...just in time for taxes so hopefully you can get your car some nice little goodies...


    DIBS: If I have previously talked to you about an item that you see up for sale, just let me know...I know about some of the things, but wanted to go ahead and put up pictures of them so that I did in fact follow forum rules...for those that have called on some items already I will give ONE WEEK to either pay or contact me with what we can work out...

    PRICE: Do not lowball me...some items are FIRM, others I have some room on, but EVERYTHING like always will be priced to sell...

    SHIPPING: Included in price (Exclusions Apply)...I work two jobs including selling parts on the side on not only this forum, but many usually takes me between 2 to 3 days to source boxes, packaging materials, and make it to the Post Office in time before it closes...if you need an item NEXT DAY, then you must contact me first...I do my best to get items out as fast as possible though...

    ***Other than BODY PARTS or LARGE ITEMS shipping IS included...the ONLY exclusions are if you are NOT in the 48 Continental US States...
    **I am MORE THAN WILLING to ship to Canada, HA, Puerto Rico, and anywhere else in the world...
    *All items with shipping included WILL INCLUDE United States Postal Service GROUND shipping as well as a delivery confirmation number...



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    Parts List...

    Performance Mods:
    Speed3 Custom Exhaust: $90
    Rear Tokico Blues w/ 60K Miles: $100 (FOR SEDANS)
    Mazdaspeed Protege Springs w/ 60K Miles: $60
    Mazdaspeed Protege Front Brake Upgrade: $160
    AWR Rear Sway Bar: $80
    AWR Adjustable Rear Endlinks: $70
    Corksport Bronzoil Bushings: $15 SOLD DMention7
    Kartboy Shifter Bushings: $15 SOLD DMention7
    Medieval Motor Mounts (Front and Side): $75
    Spooled Up Racing Header: $150
    Mazdaspeed 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap: $20

    Exterior Mods:
    JDM Tailight: $65
    Mazdaspeed3 Oil Caps: $35 EACH
    Yudkib Fiberglass Eyelids: $30
    Black Mica Sedan Keyhole Surround: $30
    S2000 Antenna: $15 SOLD ejedge27
    323F Badge: $10
    DG CF AutoEx Replica Grill Painted HZ Yellow: $160
    03.5 Mazdaspeed Protege Lip: $190 SHIPPED TO 48 DIBS Shane03P5
    DG Motorsports AutoExe Replica Lip: $180 SHIPPED TO 48 EACH
    Train Horns with 3 Compressors, Tank, 1 Spare Parts Compressor: $200 Shipped

    Interior Mods:
    08 Mazdaspeed3 GT Seats (Front/Rear): $800 SHIPPED to 48 or $550 PICKED UP (WILLING TO DELIVER UP TO 7 Hours)
    Rear 03.5 Yellow Stitched Protege Rear Seats: $30
    Harness Bar for 3rd Gen Proteges: $150 SHIPPED (COMPLETELY SOLID *NO HINGED MOUNTING POINTS*)
    ForceFed AC Gauge Holder: $50 (1 of 4 and an AWESOME Piece)
    Speed3 Dead Pedal: $20
    JDM Leather Center Armrest: $60 SOLD BikingPro
    DaveB Guage Rings: $70 SOLD SCMP3
    B&M Short Shifter: $70 SOLD PETER5
    MOMO E-Brake Boot/Handle/Miata Adaptor (Needed for Proteges): $100
    03.5 Mazdaspeed Pedals: $30
    AutoEx CF Shift Knob: $70
    03.5 Mazdaspeed Gauge Cluster: $76 SOLD Outlawstar
    Custom Front Window Shade: $40
    JDM Mazdaspeed Umbrella: $40
    JDM Protege5 Reading Materials: $15 Condition Fair
    DG Motorsports CF Door Handle Surrounds: $50
    DG Motorsports CF Radio Surround mounted on a stock radio surround: $80
    DG Motorsports CF Glovebox Surround: $50 SOLD Outlawstar
    DG Motorsports CF Gauge Surround mounted on a stock gauge surround: $70
    03.5 Mazdaspeed Door Sills: $70 FIRM
    03.5 Mazdaspeed Floor Mats: $70 FIRM
    Protege5 Trunk Net: $15
    Autometer Narrowband Air/Fuel Gauge: $15 (Small dent on top) SOLD Protege13
    Dual Gauge Pillar Pod w/ Stock Pillar and Prosport Oil Pressure/Temp/Volt Gauges and Sandwich Plate: $100 SOLD Protege13
    Old Protege/323 Shift Knob HEAVY: $15 (Looks like P5 Knob with 6x the weight) SOLD AusOrion
    Old Protege/323 Shift Knob (Blue): $10
    Leather Wrapped Protege5 Shift Knob/Boot: $30 MINT MINT MINT

    HVAC Controls: $25
    Stock Mazdaspeed Oil Cooler: $80
    IAC Valve: $60 (Almost $250 NEW)
    03.5 Driverside Foglight Delete: $10
    OEM Protege Intake Tube NO TEARS: $20

    Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator BRAND NEW Model #:FPR-800: $150 (Try to find one cheaper)
    Greddy RS BOV mounted on Pipe: $100 SOLD JustanotherMP5
    Redline Tuning Hood Struts for a Mazdaspeed3: $60
    Forge BOV: $60

    JL Audio 5x7"
    DIYMA 12" in Custom Box for the Protege5: $100 PICKED UP
    Rockford Fosgate T400-4 Amp: $200 SHIPPED (Find one cheaper)
    Diamond 10"
    Diamond 12"

    15" Mazda3 Stock Steelies: $110 SHIPPED
    15" OZ Rally Rims 4x114 w/ Yokohama AVID T4's: $300 SHIPPED
    1 G-Force T/A 245/40/18 Spare Tire: $50 SHIPPED
    1 G-Force Sport 205/50/16 Spare Tire: $45 Shipped
    1 Viper Radial ZX 225/50/16 Spare Tire: $50 SHIPPED (PRACTICALLY NEW)

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    Those other OEM endlinks... Are they the stock rears for a P5?
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    Yea, they are, but they aren't listed because I didn't mean to take a picture of them...I forgot at earlier that I still needed to put the stock RSB back on...

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    Dang there is so much that I want...just no money!! Good luck with the part out man!!

    Proteges are exciting, you never know when a rod will be emancipated - DaftIntrovert

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    Where did you have the train horns mounted? I'm VERY tempted!!!

    Protege to MX-5 lineage
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    on the bike!?

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