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Thread: Inner fender part no.

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    Inner fender part no.

    Hi all,

    I have replaced my front bumper (after an accident unfortunately), but at least I now have the actual sportive one (had the original with Erebuni frontlip). But now I need to replace the inner fenders and I have found a dealership who can order it for me. But it would be useful to give him the part no.
    Anyone who can help me out? I searched the forum but no luck so far...
    Thanks a lot in advance.


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    Sorry about that. It's a Protege 5 from 2002 (thought I had updated the post).
    I found the part no.'s yesterday.

    Left: B30P-56-140A
    Right: B30P-56-130A

    In the partlist they seem to be listed as 2000 model parts..... weird though....


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    Should be the same, or at least close enough to make them work.

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    I thought inner fenders were different for a Pro5 (and MP3/MSP) from the sedan due to the different front bumper.

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    I think the screw holes line up the same way though.

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    They don't reach the bottom of the front bumper, you need P5/MSP/MP3 fender liners.. DO NOT USE NON-MSP SEDAN LINERS, they wll not reach the front bumper.

    Here is what the sedan liners will look like on your P5:

    If the dealership can't look up the correct part number then screw them, go somewhere else that can.
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    the part numbers belong to inner fenders for the MPS version of the Pro5/323 (NL).
    In other words: these will fit if you have a MPS bumper mounted to your standard 323/Pro5. The images in this post show how the screwholes line up right now (on my car as well). The new inner fenders I picked up last thursday have the same holes for 75%, but the bottom ones are lowered, to fit the bumper.

    Thank you all, I will post a pic once I'm ready. Merry christmas!


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