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Thread: jri4's 2008 Mazdaspeed 3

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    jri4's 2008 Mazdaspeed 3

    Hi! My name is James, and this is the work log for my 2008 Black Mica Mazdaspeed3 Sport. At first, I was just going to copy and paste what I have on another forum, but I decided that is lazy and no fun, especially if anyone here has seen it on that other website. So here is a fresh new build thread, starting from pretty much the beginning of my automotive history. I like telling stories (must be the whole 'history teacher' thing) so this probably will be longer and more detailed than you would like. But I would rather tell a fun story than just state, "I swapped my engine. The End."

    I plan on keeping the Mazdaspeed3 until it dies; and then rebuilding it back to life and driving it even further beyond that! At some point, I do hope it either becomes a track/weekend dedicated car, or I find something else to drive on the weekends while it gets me back and forth to work. Either way, my ultimate goal for the car is: A clean, 300whp vehicle that runs as safe as stock or safer.

    Is it possible to reach 300whp and be as safe as it is stock? Is 300whp too much for FWD daily? I don't know. Personally, at this point in the life and aftermarket of the Mazdaspeed3 vehicle lineup, I am not sure reaching 300whp without going crazy is possible. But who knows? Maybe in 10 or 15 years more and more development will be made and everyone with a Mazdaspeed3 will have 300whp. This is a lofty goal, and one I do not plan on reaching for a long time and until the car is paid off in full.

    The purpose of this work log is to show the care and passion I have put into my vehicles. In the event that a prospective buyer looks me up, I want everything tracked so they can understand that I took care of my car while having fun at the same time. I'm sorry if this isn' tthe most ridiculous build you have ever read, but I think it will be interesting to see where my car takes me as a blank canvas into my creativity and passion. Thanks for reading!
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    Title Page

    Most current photo of car, named Kayden:

    MidOhio 4-11-2011 (3) by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    Here starts the build, I will keep it updated as I go:

    DDM Tuning HID 55w headlights (6000k)
    DDM Tuning Raptor CCFL Halos
    Corksport LED Foglights (6000k)
    Red Painted Calipers w/ 'Mazdaspeed' decals
    SU Vinyl
    Painted OEM Wheels
    215/45/18 Cooper Zeon ZPT All-Season Tires
    DIY Towplate
    RS Vinyl Eyelids

    Good Luck Ducks (WTF? See pics. LOL!)
    TWM Full Replacement Short Shifter
    Custom Knitted Shift Knob Cover
    Custom Paisley Shift Boot
    Prosport Mechanical Boost Gauge 52mm
    RPM Store VentPod
    Corksport LED Interior Lighting Kit

    Engine and Performance
    Corksport Full Length Short Ram Intake (Intake+Inlet Combo)
    TRZ "Dogbone" Polyurethane Rear Motor Mount
    Forge Motorsport Bypass Valve
    PT-Performance Smoking Turbo Fix (Pill)
    Circuit Sport 'S' Oil Catch Can

    BC Racing Coilovers

    Shell Rotella 5w-40 Engine Oil (changed every 5,000 miles)
    Ford Motorcraft XT-Q5-XS Transmission Fluid (changed at 60,000 miles)
    OEM Otherwise...

    Waiting to Be Installed...

    Next on List for Purchase...
    Summer Performance Wheels and Tires
    Rear Sway Bar

    Check out the full Flickr Photoset here
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    Table of Contents

    Reserved for Table of Contents

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    My First Car

    The first car (well, two cars) I owned were both a 1984 and 1986 Ford Mustand convertible, V6. They had 121 hp and were beat to pieces. My grandfather purchased them for me when I was 13 for $850 combined. The plan was to restore one of them and drive it through high school by the time I turned 16. My entire family and neighbors helped with the build, and all the work was done by us until the final coats of paint. I just wanted to show it off a bit so people can see my background.

    Link to entire build on Flickr Photoset: 1984 Mustang V6 Build Photoset

    1984 Mustang 99 (2) by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    Mustang Finished 009 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    1984 Mustang 99 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    1984 Mustang 500 (3) by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    I kept the total cost of the build to under $3000, initial cars included. Sure, it was slow as hell and looked like a chick car, but it was fun building it all with my own hands. Engine and bodywork were done by myself with the help of family and friends. We even painted it, but after all the hard work I wasn't happy with the finish so I took it to Maaco and had it resprayed. Thanks!

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    The Path to My Mazdaspeed3

    I worked throughout high school and saved my money with the intentions of purchasing a brand new car after graduation in 2007. The Mustang just didn't have the firepower to drive back and forth to college! In August of 2008, I purchased a 2007 Mazda CX-7 Galaxy Grey Sport, AWD. I figured it would be a great car to get me through college and into the beginnings of my "real world" life. Boy was I wrong. I 'hated' it, even though it was a nice vehicle. I put a Corksport intake on it and that held me over for a couple years, but I needed to be back in a small car rather than a crossover vehicle!

    This picture is off the internet, randomly, but mine looked like this:

    After discussing it with my parents and making huge payments in order to almost get it paid off, they took over the last $4000 worth of payments and gave me a rusted 1995 Ford F-150 in return!

    20090807_7 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    I then traded in the F-150 for $800 cash, and along with some of my own saved money, I bought the Mazdaspeed3 the first week of August, 2009. I got it from a Toyota dealership--they had no idea what it was (since they don't understand the concept of sports cars). It literally had 45,000 miles on it, rolled over during my test drive. Black Mica, Sport package, and no signs of abuse or modification except for a new stereo system that was installed, but uninstalled and returned to stock.

    20090807_5 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    I finally had my car and was so excited! Even today I consider it my dream car. I cannot think of anything else I'd rather be driving daily. The only thing that comes close is the 5.0 Mustang, but still...

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    The First Chapter

    I took Kayden home and cleaned her up real good for her first ever photoshoot. Here are a my top three favorites from that day:

    Mazdaspeed3_Railroad0005 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    Mazdaspeed3_Railroad0004 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    Mazdaspeed3_Railroad0006 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    Since I had the Corksport intake, it was installed immediately upon bringing the car home from the dealer.

    speed3_spring100001 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    The next modification I did involved painting the calipers red and adding 'Mazdaspeed' decals, Brembo style!

    speed3_spring100002 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    This would take me until the end of November, when my parents bought me some stuff for my birthday, including DDM Tuning's 55W 6000k HIDs and their CCFL Raptor Halos.

    DDEXenon0003 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    IMG_7204 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    And that would be it through the following summer, in terms of modifications. The Cooper Zeon ZPT All-Seasons got me through the winter months just fine, and I hope they get me through this winter as well. I began saving up for my biggest and most expensive modification--wheels!

    Edit: Notice the emblems have been painted a black metallic to match the body color.
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    New Wheels

    I worked through the summer to save enough money for a good set of wheels. Like with all my modifications, I wanted them to look nice but be functional as well. Since wheels are not a "go-fast" mod, I wanted to be sure they were lighter than stock, but I loved the 18" look. With little funds, I had to look used, so Enkei PF01's were out. It was down to Enkei RPF1's and OZ Ultraleggeras--so I bought the first used set that popped up between the two! They were OZ Ultraleggera's in black. The problem: They came off a Subaru, which has a smaller hub bore. Levi pointed it out, Motomotion helped me out there--(Motomotion). That was a traumatic experience, to buy $800 wheels that DON'T FIT! Everything worked out, except two tires were worn to the cords on the inside track, forcing me to take the wheels off early in the season. Plus they were Goodyear Eagle F1 in 225/35, whihc was way too low profile for my liking.

    New Rims001 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    New Rims005 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    New Rims007 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    Edit: Also notice the side molding has been removed

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    Good Luck Ducks and Winter Setup

    So my girlfriend always buys me crap that I don't want or need, so she got me these rubber ducks--I had no use for them so they have never made it out of my car! I now call them my Good Luck Ducks and they stay in the windows looking out at everyone I pass by.

    GoodLuckDucks003 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    GoodLuckDucks007 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    GoodLuckDucks004 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    In other news, I decided to paint my stock wheels a crazy color since they would be going back on the car for this winter. I chose Grabber Green Duplicolor Engine Enamel. It is ceramic coated so it is harder and thicker than normal spray paint, plus it is temperature resistant. So far it has held up to the winter and road conditions of Ohio better than the factory finish.

    WinterSetup012 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    As I said before, these wheels went on a little earlier because of poor tread on the OZ wheels. I plan on sanding and repainting the OZs this winter and having new rubber ready to be put on first thing in the Spring.

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    TWM Full Replacement Short Shifter

    Remember how I said my girlfriend gets be all sorts of useless crap? I was wrong. For my birthday a few weeks ago, she got me the TWM Full Replacement Short Shifter with the help of a few Mazda members. The piece is great! The shifts are crisp and short, and the look is awesome. It took some getting used to, but I love how much smoother I can shift because the movement is so much more fluid. I've got tons of pics of the install, but for sake of not cluttering this up, I will just do a few comparison shots:


    Shift Knob Cover0000 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    Shift Knob Cover0001 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    TWM Full Replacement Short Shifter

    TWMShifter007 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    TWMShifter014 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

    Chipmunk rollin' Detroit-style

    TWMShifter012 by JRI Photography, on Flickr

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    That's about it. I want to point out that I did a major maintenance service at 60,000 where I changed my oil (see fluids in first post) and transmission fluid. I also forgot to add that I recently purchased a Forge V1 Bypass Valve, and love the sound! All the modifications I have made are in that title page post. Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, and enjoy reading!

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