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Thread: Haltech Install / Startup / Setup Guide

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    Haltech Install / Startup / Setup Guide

    For the folks needed a setup guide incase you just bought a Haltech E6X.

    Also included is the manual direct from Haltech.
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    The settings in the setup.txt are wrong. The 67* trigger angle and tooth offset of 3 don't work. Well, they work, but try checking your timing with a light and you'll see what I mean... It's off by 15 degrees in some cases.
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    What settings are you using?

    EDIT: my map is using that setting as well... is there an 100% correct number to use?

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    No, I'm usign thsoe settings, but I fucked around with it for about 2 houirs on the dyno one day tryin to line everything up. I think the tooth offset is wrong. Reason being, that the timing error changes with RPM.

    Lock your timing at 15*. Grab a timing light, and with those settings check your timing. It'll be at like 0* more than likely. But rev it up to like 3000 RPM even with the timing locked, and it'll jump to like 25*. It's fucked. The number of teeth can't be changed. That's a definite. There's 36 teeth o nthe wheel (72 in one camshaft revolution) so that's not it. Now I'm thinking it may be the trigger angle, but more than likely the tooth offset.

    The trigger angle description in Haltech's manual is worded wierd. basically, it's when the trigger passes the sensor, the crank is at (x) angle BTDC. So basically, when the missing tooth lines up with the sensor, what angle is the crank BTDC?

    As if that weren't confusing enough, now the missing tooth is not the trigger, but say 3 or whatever teeth past the missing tooth. (Tooth offset.)

    The car is sans engine and in storage, but I was spending alot of time trying to figure this out once and for all. Make sure you remember to disable your injectors or you'll flood it.

    The Haltech manual tells you what steps to take, but in the end it is trial and error.
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    you have your baro pressure locked to 1013?

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    No. You're not supposed to lock it if you're using MAP sensor (which we are) because with the car off it will register the barometric pressure, so the car will always know it.

    From P.70 of the manual:

    If you are using a MAP sensor as your load reference we suggest that you set
    the barometric lock in the fuel set-up to “disabled” and bypass this section.
    If using throttle position for load sensing barometric compensation is required.
    Please note that the default map for barometric compensation is flat and a
    barometric compensation map must be compiled. See the sample map below.
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    Found more, p.71

    When the ECU is powered up, it will run a small test to determine the barometric pressure.
    During power up the ECU switches the fuel pump. If the engine is not started, the fuel pump
    will be switched off. At this time, the ECU also reads the MAP Sensor. If the engine is not
    running, the MAP sensor will indicate the current barometric pressure. The ECU remembers
    this pressure and uses it to perform a barometric correction on the fuel delivery.
    If at start up the engine is cranked before the fuel pump prime has finished the ECU cannot
    read the barometric pressure from the MAP sensor, as the engine will be applying a vacuum.
    E6X Manual
    In this case, the ECU will use the last measured pressure, which is stored in memory with the
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    Actually found more too. I have an external 3 bar map, so I use the internal one to continuously sense atmospheric pressure:

    This method of barometric compensation allows the ECU to continuously measure barometric
    pressure and adjust the fuelling throughout the period of operation.
    This method requires the user to access the Fuel Set-up page:
    - Set “Barometric Lock” to “Disabled”.
    This method can only be used if a barometric pressure sensor is connected to the ECU to
    provide continuous barometric pressure readings. The ECU contains an internal barometric
    pressure sensor for this purpose. To configure the internal barometric pressure sensor refer to
    4.2.5 The In/Out Set-up Page, p44.
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    Any idea if mine is set to lock I have to do anything else besides turn it off?

    And could this be the reason I get the POP on key on? (fuel delivery+ignition in key on)

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    With all the indepth stuff... I see why I really don't have a good grasp on tuning!

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