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Thread: Hale Motorsports / Mazda 2 race car

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    Sweet build coming along! Can't wait to see the continued progress and good luck out there!

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    That is one BEEFY cage... no chance of your noggin' being squished in that car.
    I'll be curious to see the weight of this guy once it is all stripped down and in race form.

    Any big mods being done to get the anemic motor going or do you figure the full exhaust will be enough?
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    The cage is 1 3/4 tube. The plan is to put it on the set up pad at the end of the week, I will let you know what the weight ends up. Right now the engine is going to stay stock.
    Honda is building two Fits to race at the 25 hour of Thunderhill. Mazda and Hale Motorsports will bring the Mazda 2 to compete against the Honda, should be a good battle.

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    Yes!!! Modded and on the track!! I wonder if the fact that the 2 was lighter than the Fit stock is going to make a difference on the track?

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    Depends on how much extra roll cage weight each car has at this point. lol

    Are those wheels the new Sparco brand ones, Hale?
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    Yes, they are the new Sparco wheels. We got a bunch of parts from Sparco ,wheels, steering wheel, seat, belts, and cut off switch.

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    Got the coil over kit in today. Started installing the header, should have it done in the morning.

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    awesome man, you are doing a great job of keeping us updated

    keep up the good work

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    can I come drive it?!?

    It was worth the shot...nice job!
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