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Thread: I drove a Mazda2

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    U havr anything done to urs joker

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    Just wheels and tires for now. Advan AD08s on Team Dynamics wheels. Michelin X-Ice on the way for steelies. Everything else is stock!

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    Correction, I went for the Hakkapeliita R. Arrived and waiting install. Maybe this week, maybe next week.

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    I love my Yozora. I tried out a Fiesta, didn't like it at all. It was the automatic, and it blew chunks. And the doors looked they were open all the time while you were driving down the road. I tested many other cars, and kept on coming back to the 2, and got my Yozora Edition for a really good price.

    I really really liked M2, and only wish it came with temp. readout, instead of dummy lights.

    Oh! And the Fiesta "sport" option just uses stock Mazda2 springs. Go figure.

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