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Thread: Looking for a brake kit

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    Looking for a brake kit

    Hey all. I'm looking for a brake kit for the Mazda 3. I tried Brembo's Gran Turismo, but there is no way to make them work without a rim with around a 30mm offset and then the wheels stick out too far and you have to modify the fenders.

    I do a lot of city driving in my Mazda 3 and my job requires me to spend 6 to 8 hours in my car five days a week. The stock brakes can't handle this and I'm turning my rotors every 12 to 15 thousand miles and replacing them every 25 - 30.

    I've been poking around various forums and have read that you can put the Speed 3 brakes on a normal 3. Would this be worth trying? Are there other aftermarket brakes as well that I could try that don't require the clearance that the Brembos do? I'd like to find some brakes that can handle the driving I do.

    Thanks all.

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    You're getting 25-30,000 miles out of exclusively city driven brakes and you're complaining? How long would you like them to last? Until the end of time?

    But seriously, brakes are a wear item. They wear out. It's really one of their more redeemable features. If they didn't wear out, you'd cornhole the first car you came across when you first applied the brakes.

    What pads and rotors are you using anyway?

    And yes, Speed3 brakes will fit a regular 3. There may be some exceptions.

    The Brembos you bought probably wouldn't have made you happy either. Contrary to popular belief, big brakes really don't stop your car any faster. In fact, if you install a poorly designed big brake kit, you can actually lengthen your stopping distances. Brakes are nothing more than a way to convert kinetic energy (moving energy) into thermal energy (heat). Big brakes allow for more heat to be pulled out before taking the pads out of their optimum operating temperature. But seriously, if you're driving around the city in such a manner that you are overheating your brakes, you're driving like a 'tard. I have a cop friend who drives his cruiser around everywhere with one pedal or the other in the firewall and he doesn't have brake issues- and they are just stock sized Tahoe brakes.

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    sounds like you need a new job, or a company vehicle. i hope they pay well for the wear they put on your vehicle.

    a more expensive brake kit sounds stupid for your purposes, you will likely get the same amount of use out of them (or less) and they would be more expensive to replace. i wouldn't waste my time or money to get different brakes in your situation. if you want to spend more money, spend it on higher quality OEM sized parts.

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    If you end up needing a new brake kit go to this place I got mine from . I like them since they have all OEM parts but really cheap compared to the dealers. I'v tried aftermarket ones but I've learned to go with OEM parts always.

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