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Thread: How do online Auctions work

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    How do online Auctions work

    Hey Folks i am in the process of purchasing a new vehicle, and was looking into something in my budget (2-4k) so as of today i have not found anything only junk.. well i was told by a friend of mines that he bought a vehicle in an online auction so im wondering if anyone has some insights on online auctions.

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    it'll be hit or miss. how much risk are you willing to take?
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    auction update

    Well don't know if i want a car that's in to bad of conditions but i was able to find 1990 RX7 so i am going to see see were that goes..

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    That one is a savage. Body damage maybe, OR, leftovers from a flood and used to be under 12 feet of water. or ebay is a good start.

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