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Thread: How To: Rear Bearing Protege 56K = No Way

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    How To: Rear Bearing Protege 56K = No Way

    I noticed that my rear tire was "Wobbly"
    Makes sense, the Chassis has over 160,000 Km on it and the car is a 2002.

    The rear Bearing only comes in the Hub, No Choice.
    It is not a press fit, anybody can do this job in under one hour.

    There are Two Parts.

    Hub with ABS Ring
    $250.00 Cdn

    Hub without ABS
    $190.00 Cdn

    I no longer have ABS so I took the Lighter/Cheaper Hub for both rears.

    You Will Need a
    -36mm Socket
    -Breaker Bar
    -14mm Wrench
    -Mini Sledge
    -Rubber Hammer
    -Chisel (Sharp and Low Quality, Used to Pry open Cap)
    -Flat Screwdriver
    -Brake Cleaner
    -Tooth Brush
    -Mechanics Gloves
    -Paper Towel/Shop Towel
    -Jack Stand
    -Old wire

    1. Break Torque on Wheel Nuts, Jack Up Rear, Place Jack stand, Remove Tire.

    2. Place Car in Gear, Disengage Park Brake.

    3. a With a 14mm Wrench, Remove the Brake Caliper and suspend it with a wire, Remove the Disk and place it on the cardboard.
    3. b Leave the park brake ON and remove everything still attached.

    4. With the Chisel, pry open the Hub Cap a bit, then rotate and pry the other side until it's off.

    5. Free Up the Stamped ring on the 36mm nut with a Punch or a screwdriver you do not like.

    6. Remove the 36mm nut and pay attention to how much force is required to remove it.

    7. Pull the hub off, Do not damage the shaft, make sure the entire bearing comes off.

    8. Clean off the rust and dirt with WD-40 and a toothbrush, Spray with brake cleaner.

    9. Slide the new hub on, take care to align it and not force it, it will go on easily.

    10. Replace the 36mm Nut and return the dented tab to it's original position.

    11. With a Coal Chisel or punch, bend the ring back into the gap.

    12. Verify free motion of the hub, Check for binding or odd sounds.

    13. Replace the Hub Cap with a rubber hammer. Small Taps.

    14. (Not Required) A bit of Anti Seize will keep the hub from rusting. Do not Plaster it, it will end up on the Disk.

    15. Replace the Disk and Caliper.

    16. Replace the Rim and Torque once on the ground.

    17. TEST DRIVE! (Zoom Zoom)

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    subbin!! Will need to do soon

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    Nice write up Brian! That's super simple!

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