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    Satellite Radio

    My MS3 did not come with Satellite radio so I bought the original factory Sirius radio and put it in myself. Not a hard projects at all. It took me about 1.5 hours and that was not being in a rush. The most time consuming is running all the wires from the received to antenna. All the connectors are pre-plugged so all you have to do is plug them in.

    More details available if anyone is interested.

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    Do you know if you can install an external Sirius device instead of the Factory unit? I've already got an External from my last car with a color display and would rather use that one instead. You ever seen this done?

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    Yes, you can install an external Sirius device. If you have the hatchback version mount the antenna at the center rear of the room right behind the factory antenna and run the wires under the spare tire on the passenger side along the the door sills. On the sedan version mount the antenna just above the the top of the trunk lid and push through the passenger side along the bottom sills. Power source can be found in multiple location under the dash.

    The key is the hookup to the radio. Buy the Sirius radio kit # FMDA25 to hook it up directly to your radio.
    Seniorgeek - '08 MS3 GT

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