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Thread: NB Cleaning the MAF Sensor w/*Optional Checking the Air filter*

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    NB Cleaning the MAF Sensor w/*Optional Checking the Air filter*

    Alright, Cleaning the MAF is easy easy.

    Step 1:
    Gather your tools. You will need a:
    - Phillips Screwdriver
    - 10mm Wrench
    - MAF Cleaner (this is a specific cleaner) It is not recommended to use anything else.

    Step 2:
    Remove the Negative connection on the Battery

    Step 3:
    Loosen the Clamp Shown and pull the hose off of the MAF housing

    Step 4:
    Remove the Connector shown by pressing down on the clip and pulling out

    Step 5:
    Use the 10mm wrench to remove these two screws careful you don't drop them ^^

    Step 6:
    Pull the MAF out of the air box. It should now look like this

    There is a rubber gasket on the MAF that may come off when you pull it out. It is a good chance to clean it up before you put it back on the MAF housing. It looks like this

    Step 7:
    Cleaning the MAF. You want to be in a well ventilated area and you will spray the MAF cleaner onto the sensor in the MAF housing. like so:

    Step 8: Re-Assemble and Dont forget to plug the battery back in.
    IF YOU HAVE AN ALARM SYSTEM the alarm will probably go off when you plug the battery back in.
    HAVE YOUR KEYS READY haha it scared me the first time.
    The Car will probably take a little longer to crank the first time you start it up after cleaning.


    Checking your air filter and cleaning out the Air box

    To check your Air filter you need to open the Air box. To do this just un-latch the clips on the left side of the box and slide the cover to the left.

    Now you can relplace your air filter or clean out the air box if needed.

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    Look at that. Only a member for a few days and already contributing!! Very nice how-to.

    Proteges are exciting, you never know when a rod will be emancipated - DaftIntrovert

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    Yay for more content.

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    Awesome directions! I've never done auto work before, and was having a big problem with my 02 Miata. It was starting for a second, then would just die. I followed your instructions and now my car runs better than it did before. Thank you!

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