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Thread: Custom catback for mazda6 wagon

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    Custom catback for mazda6 wagon

    Okay so one of the first things I'll be doing is getting custom piping and two mufflers to go on my 6.

    I just need to decide what type... I'm kind of leaning towards borla, since they always sound nice.

    My question is this.. Do you think it would be best to go with 2.25" piping or 2.5" ?

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    I'd stick with the 2.25' dia. Unless your boosted in any way.
    Plus in most cases, on an naturally aspirated car, you'll loose power by going with a bigger diameter exhaust tubing.
    This is very true on with the Duratec V6 in our 6's.
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    My advice is go with the 2.5 on the Mazda. Simple reason. if you don't like it, you can always make it shorter. Going the other way is alot harder.

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