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Thread: Brake lights on after booster replacement

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    Brake lights on after booster replacement

    Not a Protege issue, but since I've never replaced a booster before I thought I would ask here.

    I'm working on my dad's 05 Dakota, and after countless failed attempts to bleed the brakes I went ahead and replaced the booster just to start eliminating possible issues. But after replacing it, the brake pedal doesn't come back far enough to hit the brake light switch and shut off the lights. They're always on now so I have to keep the negative terminal turned off.

    Since I've never done one of these before, I'm not really sure where to start. I even put the stock booster back on and the rod is still too short, I dunno what gives. Can the switch usually be adjusted? How about the pedal? Maybe the rod that connects the pedal to the booster?

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    the switch is usually adjustable, if not the switch, the mounting point of the switch. something should be adjustable, everyone one i have seen has been adjustable (though i have only worked on like 5-10 different brake switches, so my experience is limited) hope this helps.

    edit: you have to stick your head in the drivers footwell and look up at where the pedals mount, the switch should be up there somewhere. its a pretty uncomfortable position, so you have to work quickly
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    Yeah I found the switch, and I disconnected and took it out as well. It doesn't seem to be adjustable in any way. For some reason the rod just doesn't extend as far as it used to, but I see no way to adjust it. I'm gonna check on some Dodge/Dakota forums..

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    As long as the petal is still coming far enough out why can't you just stick something on the petal to hit the switch? I ask my bro about the problem but he says hes never heard of that kinda problem.

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    did you ever figure this out? just curious as to the cause of this.
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    Nope, never did figure out what changed. But I did fix it by bending the bracket which holds the switch so that the pedal made contact with it once again.

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