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    Cobb AP

    Who's running the Cobb AP? Anyone? I'd appreciate comments, pros/cons/etc. I'm likely going to pick one up but want to know what to expect. Thx!
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    It doesn't fix your understeer problems, sorry. You need a bigger rudder for that.

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    fwd :p

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    Nearly every modded RX-8 in Phoenix (and there is a huge community of them here) is running one. Lots of happy people, but of course it's a different car.
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    In all seriousness, I've known a few people in Ohio to have them with good results. Just have to make sure you're not an idiot when you fiddle with it. That's all.

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    A few MS3s in Colorado running them as well with good results. The only issues here is that they are running the standard tunes and could benefit from a high altitude tune.

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    i havent heard anything bad about the COBB AP... and the only time i have its cause the kids were being dipshits and the motor went pop, and being a spoiled rich kid its never their fault so they blamed the AP for their stupidity

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    May I make a suggestion? The AP is great and a good investment, but before you do that, get a MSD Dashhawk. Great little device. I bought one within a month after I got my MS3. It read all the data from the ODBII port. Nice little display and you can save all your runs etc. to your computer, graph out each one and compare results based on different criteria. Here is the link to red about the Dashhawk.

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